When do you arrive to set up the slow motion video booth?
We arrive 1 hour before your event is due to start.

Can you arrive earlier in the day to setup?
Yes we can. Early setup fees are charged at $35 per hour.

How many people can be videoed at one time?
Comfortably we can video 2 or 3 people at once, but larger groups of up to 5 or 7 can be captured. But smaller groups are preferable as the slow motion effect is more obvious when shot close up.

How many people will man the booth?
There will be 2 crew that will man the booth, explain the service and interact with guests.

How much deposit do I need to pay?
20% of booking rate is taken on confirmation of our services. The remainder is paid on the event day, prior to setup.

Does the cost of the booth include the final edited video?
Yes. The price includes a complete edited video that is edited on site, within 30 minutes of the end of the booth services, in time to play to the guests.

Do we get an edited slow motion booth video?
Yes, you will get a copy of the video, in HD, on a DVD.

How slow will the video be?
Our slow motion video booths use cameras that will slow motion down by approximately 4-5 times.

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